About us

Revere Custom Homes is a Perth based design studio and building broker specialising in custom homes and renovations. 

We customise your journey and Builder to suit you and your design. 


We deliver collaborative customer service, with a hands-on approach and the ability to think outside the box to bring your ideas to life. We offer flexibility and remove the objections and limitations that most builders apply. We understand it’s your home and that it’s not, ‘one size fits all’.


We only work with small boutique builders - the kind of builders where the director is the registered builder and their passion and excitement for building outstanding homes shines through. We work to place each of our clients with the right builder for their design and budget.  We are devoted to our clients and their homes and will always make sure they come first. 


You will have direct access to us on our mobiles and won't need to work within a standard 9-5 timeframe to talk to us. We know all the details that you won’t know, the important things to ensure your home meets regulations, is built to a high standard, within your budget and of course on time. 

We  have had extensive careers within the Perth building industry, having been respected in senior management positions within large building companies. Together we have over 35 years’ experience and share the same passion for all things building, design and customer service. 

We will guide you through creating your home on paper and will cover off the details you haven’t thought of yet. We will make sure local authorities’ regulations have been met, overlays and engineering are suitable, assist with your selections and colours and tender your project our to our select group of trusted builders and will assist the whole way through construction with your builder. 


Along side your partnered builder we will bring your home to life in construction. Each and every trade is hand selected, trusted, proven and meticulous supervised. We will ensure your home is built to the highest standard, meets all regulations and most importantly we will make sure you love it!  


We will be as excited as you are to watch your home take shape. Our satisfaction comes from delivering your family’s home that’s right for you. 

Proudly created by Revere Consulting