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Frequently Asked Questions 

Do I have to move out while renovating my family home?

Absolutely not! We specialise in minimal disruption construction. 

While adding a second storey to your home we do not require you to move out unlike other builders. We do however ask on the day that we are craning on your upper floor that you and your family are out of the house and normally our clients are so excited they are on the street with us watching it all happen anyway. Its an exciting day and normally draws a crowd of spectators and we welcome you to invite your extended family and friends, after all it is your home transformation. 

How long will my renovation take to finish?

This one isn't a generic answer and is something we will talk you through as all projects are different and times can vary to suit but make to mistake we mean it when we say we can transform your home into a double storey in one day. It only takes us one day to crane on the upper floor. Our building method is designed to take the mess and construction works away from your home as much as possible with us building your upper floor as close to being finished as possible in the factory which minimises the disruption and time on site at your home. We know we will be quicker than any other renovation builder. 

Can I supply some of the fittings or fixtures in my home? 

Of course! Unlike other builder's we understand its your home, why shouldn't you be able to have those personalised touches or personally sourced products?

We will talk you through the things you need to know when supplying your own fittings or fixtures for us to fit/ install and make sure you have all the information you need to know when it comes to regulations and standards. 

Are we able to carry out some of the works ourselves? 

Again we aren't shy to owner suppled and installed items. Talk to us about what your thinking and we will be happy to accomodate or if you or your family member is a qualifies trade we will happily work with you. 

Why do we need a site survey when we are extending up now out? 

Great question, although traditionally a site survey tells us all the land contour and levels it also tells us boundary locations, neighbouring property locations and heights and distances of neighbouring windows which we do need when extending your home up to consider overshadowing, over looking and residential design codes compliance. 

Should I relocate or renovate?

We can't answer that question for you but we recommend you have a read of our blog Relocate Vs Renovate to find out all the facts.

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