Our Insulated Wall System 

At Rapid Renovation Perth we believe in innovation and its not just something we say, we are continuously growing, learning and adapting to new technologies in our processes, building methods and customer service. 

​We know our job is about providing you, our clients, with what your family needs in the most timely way possible while achieving superior quality and we don't just believe in our products and building method we live in it. Our insulated wall system has everything and more that you want for your new renovation/ extension.


What is our Insulated Wall System made of?

We use quality structural grade H2 treated pine to create the wall frames  fixed with steel bracing supports with a vapor permeable parging (breather wrap) fixed to the external side of the wall frame with a 100mm reinforced polystyrene fixed with lugs and expandable foam sealant a with fiberglass reinforcement and a minimum 5mm acrylic texture coat system creating the external finish. The internal side of the timber frame is then insulated with batts and finished with plasterboard. 




Insulates Wall System. External Cladding

Although this style of building has only been in Western Australia for the last 10 years and the East Coast of Australia for the last 20 years, the insulated wall system was developed in 1976 in Germany and has been used for the last 45 years all over Europe and the U.S.

This product is proving again and again to be the way forward by out performing traditional building methods (double brick).



What are the advantages of our Insulated Wall System?


It require less energy to produce than traditional methods and contains no CFC's to HCFC's. It does not contain ozone depleting substances and is recyclable.

fire retardant

It contains flame retardant additives and will not support fire. It has a flame index rating of 0 and complies with all BAL Requirements. 


It rates 7.9 times higher than traditional double brick construction leaving your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

It contains a termite retardant and we use 62% more product than the minium regulation requires.

code mark accreditation

It holds a CodeMark Accreditation with a certificate of conformity with the Building Codes of Australia. 


-   Design Freedom

-   Light Weight Construction

-   Durable

-   Strong

-   Outstanding Thermal Rating

-   Energy Efficient

-   Acoustically Rated

-   Termite Retardant

-   Biologically Inert

-   Impact Resistant 

-   Speed of installation

-   Environmentally Responsible

-   Non Hazardous

-   CodeMark Accredited

-   Bush Fire Rated (BAL)

-   Suitable for Cyclone Prone Areas

-   Deep Window Revels

-   Looks Great

-   Full Range of Finishes and Colours

Our Insulated Wall System  FAQ


Tell me more about the polystyrene?

We use enhanced expanded polystyrene insulation board impregnated with an insect repellent, compound and flame retardant. The panels are made from high density, rigid, expanded polystyrene and the surface of the wall paneling is grooved both side allowing the surface to breath and channel any possible condensation away from the product. It is manufactured without the use of CFC's and does not contain or emit any poisonous gas and is non-hazardous.


What is the insulated wall systems thermal qualities?

Our wall system is a high-energy efficient product, reducing heating costs in winter and cooling costs in summer. Studies have shown a properly insulated home can reduce energy cost up to 75%. Not only is there a monetary saving for the home owner but it also saves the amount of green house gases released into the atmosphere. 

Our panelling is made up of 98% air entrapped in a closed cellular structure of polystyrene, which accounts for the extremely good insulations properties. It is also the most cost efficient method of insulation in term of the R-Value per dollar.

Thermal properties are rated by an R-Value, which is determined by the materials resistance to heat transfer (thermal resistance). The higher the R-Value the great the insulations quality. 

Our 100mm wall system holds an R-Value of 3.48. 

This is a huge improvement on traditional building methods with traditional double brickwork only achieving an R-Value of 0.44 and a 100mm Concrete slab achieving a R-Value of 0.23. No wonder Perth relies on air-conditioning in summer and heaters in winter as much as they do.


What is the wall systems fire resistant qualities?

Our wall system has contains a flame retardant additive to eliminate any ignition from small flame sources.  Fire Hazard Properties are measure into 4 main categories - Ignitability, Spread of flame index, Heat evolved and more Developed. These are measured on a scale of 1 - 20. Our wall system rated Ignitability 6, Spread of flame 0, Heat Evolved 1 and Smoke Developed 4. 

It passed extensive fire testings in accordance with Australian Standards AS1530.8.1 conducted by an independent global testing company. It was rated suitable for Bush Fire Attack Level 29 which is the considered to be a high risk area. 

What is the wall systems termite resistant qualities?

Our wall system contains a chemical retardant called bifenthirin which is a synthetic pyrethroid pesticide approved by the WA Environmental Health Department. It is used by all pest treatment companies and is used by majority of Perth builder too. Along with the bifenthirin treatment our product will not rot and provides no nutritive value for insects or micro-organisms.

Why is the CodeMark accreditation important??

All building products must comply with the Australian Standards as well as the Building Codes of Australian however unfortunately there are still many products out there that don't conform.

The CodeMark accreditation is a voluntary building product certification scheme that supports the use of new or innovative products. CodeMark provides confidence and certainty to regulatory authorities and the consumer through the issue of a Certificate of Conformity, which is a simple way to demonstrate that the building product complies with NCC Volumes One and Two, the BCA.

Our wall system has achieved a CodeMark accreditation and we are happy to provide you with that Certificate.