Top 6 Bathroom Renovations Tips

We find a lot of our clients can be focused on a magazine image of what they want their new bathroom to look like, which is great for inspiration however there are so many important factors to consider for the design, style and practicality of your new bathroom and that’s where we come into place for our clients to make sure no details are missed.

Checked out our top tips when it comes to renovating your bathroom.

bathroom renovation

1. Layout

When it comes to the layout of your bathroom it’s important to consider what the 'first impression' is as you walk past the open bathroom door(s) or as you enter through the bathroom door(s).

You want to create a focal point that captures the eye - Vanity units, feature tiles and mirrors are great focal pieces as they are pleasing to look at and can offer a lot of texture and interest. You will make to make sure that the toilet suite is not one of the first things you see.  Although they are important and a necessity they are not the most appealing fixture to look at. 


2. Storage 

The last thing you want to do is start using your new bathroom only to be frustrated that you have nowhere to put all the things you need in your bathroom. 

Consider how you and your family use the space and what you need to store in there and then considering how often you use these items. It’s important to make sure every day items are easily accessible.  

When it comes to cabinetry below bench height draws are most effective way to store and access items and cupboards are the best for above bench height as well as open shelving.

Don’t forget to consider storage in your shower area either. Tiled recesses or nib walls are a great option to store shampoos and soap bottles out of view and most importantly off the floor. 

3. Don't under estimate the mirror! 

With mirrors, right on trend at the moment there are some amazing mirrors on offer that can create some drama or elegance in your bathroom and placement and style are the key to having a statement mirror in your bathroom. 

If you’re considering a round mirror, if important to work out your placement of the mirror - centered to the vanity area or centered to a feature wall? This place will also determine the appropriate diameter of the mirror. 

Framed mirrors come in lots of styles and colours and are another great option along with oval, arched and mirrored cabinets. 

4. Lighting 

We all love that feeling and warmth we get from the lights on the Christmas tree and your bathroom lights are no different. You need to consider task lighting, accent lighting, ambient lighting and decorative lighting when you are planning your bathroom. Consider how you and your family use the space and to make sure you have covered off all these lighting types. As an example, when considering task lighting to the vanity area, if you are applying makeup in the mirror you don't want the lighting behind you casting a shadow over you so considering mirror lighting or lighting directly above. When it comes to ambient lighting if you are relaxing while soaking in a bath do you want bright downlights or soft warm lights giving off a glow to help you unwind? Consider dimming a pendant light or soft floor lighting to give you that ambience needed. 

5. Floor wastes

Like most of our client’s floor wastes are not a detail that's on the top of their list however its ones that shouldn't be overlooked. 

Gone are the days of a standard white or chrome floor waste. There are so many choices when it comes to floor wastes and its important to consider these while you’re selecting your tiles.

Square tiled inserts are a great way to create a seamless and minimal look while stainless steel strip grates can create an industrial polished feel.  

6. Cleaning

Yes, I know this one sounds boring but it’s an important one. Considering how you will access and clean your bathroom will ensure you will love your bathroom long beyond the freshly renovated stage.

Often awkward narrow gaps left between the vanity units and shower screen are a cleaner’s worst nightmare and what makes them worse is the are avoidable in the planning stage of your bathroom.

When it comes to showers cleaning with a detachable shower head like a shower rail make cleaning soap residue off large double showers a simple job.  

Tile textures can also be a factor to consider for ease of cleaning. 

Are you considering or renovating your bathroom currently? We are here to help. We offer a full bathroom renovation service as well as just colour or design services. Contact us to find out more about how we can help you with your bathroom renovation.  

Written by Tara Scott.